Cheating in Online Assessment Tests: How Can You Prevent It?

The best option is to clean the lens with a clean cloth, microfiber preferably, and a tiny amount of alcohol. Ensure that you are not leaving any streak marks on the lens after cleaning it. 6.) If there is no movement in this bar or very little movement, unplug the webcam and attempt to plug it into a USB slot on the back of the system.

Yet again, just like with the webcam – the permissions to access the microphone migt’ve been denied when asked. Double check if the devices are allowed and not blocked within your web browser settings. With, you can feel confident entering any meeting knowing your video conferencing technology is top-notch. You cover the hardware, and FreeConference has you covered for the software.

  • Some laptops have small webcam already in it but some are not.
  • Log into your YouTube account and click the Create button, then select Go Live.
  • When attempting your homework, you might be enticed to search for answers from Google or inquire from a colleague through instant messaging.
  • We also tested an RTX 3060 unit and found similar performance levels when dropping a few sliders down a fraction as well, which means you’re sorted at all ends of the budget here.

Reboot your PC and then check if the integrated webcam issue has been taken care of. Thus, if you have recently updated your webcam driver, rolling it back is a good idea since it could be the cause of the problem. You will get a warning that says, ‘You are about to uninstall this device from your system.’ Click the Uninstall button.

Magic Camera – Best for Customizable Effects

Note that the latest and updated drivers are usually better than previous versions and include specific improvements. Another method that might solve the webcam problem is to disable and re-enable it. Some users have reported that this simple trick solved the problem. To re-enable the webcam, type „device manager“ in Search and click the „Device Manager“ result.

For this, we use the Virtual Machine method, detailed below. As a disclaimer, I don’t have any connection to the ProctorTrack company, nor to any other similar company. My purpose is not to insult a particular piece of software, or the company itself – the reason I chose ProctorTrack is, as previously stated, a friend of mine had to use it, so I began investigating. Also, I don’t have a lab environment in which to test all of the possibilities listed below – they’re here in a theoretical nature, so that you can see the various pitfalls of this kind of software. All model papers offered by should be properly referenced.

Webcam Information

In these situations, using FFmpeg to capture a snippet of your camera from the command line can be a useful skill. Being able to see what your webcam will show other people before entering into a call is important. Maybe you want to make sure you look alright or keep your messy bedroom out of shot. Click on the Driver tab and go to the driver details option. Sometimes the webcam on your computer might be blurry. Saurav is a technology writer with more than 8 years of experience.

Razer Kiyo

Open Broadcaster Software is the most popular software for streamers and video makers. You’ll get a preview of what your webcam will look like to others in a Zoom video call. Instead of looking only for software issues, also look for the physical issues of faulty connection. Testing the webcam is not enough; you also need to customize the privacy settings. Thankfully, Windows is pretty versatile, and the OS has multiple customization settings dedicated to privacy.

In the entire testing process, you require to act as necessary. As the pupil taking the examination, attempt to move your hands, gaze at the webcam, and avoid uncertainty. Ensure you have ample time towards the end to go through your answers and also go back to those questions you might have skipped or simply wanted to revisit. You can use logic in the case of multiple-choice exams, by eliminating the obviously incorrect answers.


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