What are a Product Marketing Manager’s Key Responsibilities?

This content must also be consistent with the tone, branding, and voice outlined in the marketing plan. Most companies require their marketing professionals to have a bachelor’s degree. Still, since the marketing industry adapts quickly, companies don’t necessarily need their marketers or marketing managers to have specialized degrees in specific fields. Some companies may require professional degrees or memberships in professional associations. Now that we’ve talked about what a typical product marketing manager does, you may want to know how to become one if that’s your goal. Even if you’re a recruiter, this information could help you set realistic expectations.

Marketing manager meaning

Regardless of campaign outcomes, all research and data will inform future marketing processes. Depending on the overall value proposition they’re offering, the positioning, existing market, and economic variables, the PMM opts for a suitable pricing strategy. Products are passed through different processes to make sure that they are able to be delivered to the market for customer use. After that when you have executed the plan to get fruitful results, it is time to evaluate your company’s outcomes and modify them if there is a requirement but if they are going well and result-oriented, they are repeated.

What does a Marketing Manager do?

As a result of society’s increased personal and professional reliance on technology, the outlook for digital marketing managers is healthy. The BLS predicts the demand for marketing managers, in general, will increase by 8% between 2018 and 2028. As more users turn to conduct their banking and shopping activities online, the need for adept digital marketing managers is likely to continue to increase in the coming years.

  • Together with the team, they focus on making sure consumers know about their products or services.
  • After the company’s strengths and weaknesses have been analyse in order to determine which opportunities it can best pursue, that marketing manager should develop a marketing strategy that will help the company attain its overall strategic objectives.
  • The success of a marketing manager has more to do with their skill set than their level of higher education or their certifications.
  • The implication of selecting target segments is that the business will subsequently allocate more resources to acquire and retain customers in the target segments than it will for other, non-targeted customers.
  • “Having an attitude of flexibility and understanding that sometimes you have to work unusual hours is important,” Marvin says.

A marketing manager might be a generalist, or they may specialize in or oversee specific facets of a company’s marketing efforts. A marketing generalist must possess skills that are widely applicable to multiple channels of marketing and often work at marketing agencies or for companies with smaller marketing teams. Someone who’s in a marketing specialist role, such as a social media marketing manager, may have more specific job requirements and goals to help a larger marketing department, which may be useful at a corporation, a startup, or a nonprofit. In part, this is because the role of a marketing manager (or sometimes called managing marketer in small- and medium-sized enterprises) can vary significantly based on a business’s size, corporate culture, and industry context. For example, in a small- and medium-sized enterprises, the managing marketer may contribute in both managerial and marketing operations roles for the company brands. Additionally, marketing managers must have the ability to oversee and collaborate with external stakeholders, such as advertising agencies, to ensure successful campaigns.


Therefore, the marketing manager has to find out the services that satisfy the consumers and the services that fail to meet the needs and expectations of consumers so that plus and delta can be developed to cover up the shortage. Due to surprises and disappointments that can occur as marketing plans are implemented, the marketing manager will need feedback and control in order to monitor the implementation of the product on the market. Last but not the least, the marketing manager should do marketing evaluation and control process in order to understand the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities and how both could be improved. Once a company has already segmented the market, chosen its target market and identified their needs and determined its desired market positioning, it is ready to develop and launch appropriate new products.

Marketing manager meaning

When it comes to reputation, good and reputable companies do not compromise for this at all and try. Companies with a good reputation get more opportunities to grow and get more tenders to make them market competent and economically strong. If you are interested in the field of trade marketing, check out these links for real-time searches from Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn. Also important are strong writing skills, to effectively communicate your brand’s message, and data analysis skills, to extract value from reporting tools, says Rand. A go-to-market manager onboards the team, builds a GTM strategy, and works with other teams to achieve go-to-market success. A go-to-market manager sets the strategic vision, hires the right team, and motivates them to work on operational initiatives and achieve launch goals.

Qualifications for Digital Marketing Managers

To succeed in their responsibilities, marketing managers follow a similar process. Each step in that process requires a unique approach depending on the product, service, or business. Marketing managers are also responsible for training their team members on campaign-specific marketing plans.

Brand marketing managers – Their ambition is to build up brand recognition and the distinctive character of a company or product. Overall, a good marketing manager should have a combination of creativity, strategic thinking, communication skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, adaptability, passion for marketing, and time management skills. By assessing your skills and qualities in these areas, you can gain a better understanding of your potential as a marketing manager. Overall, marketing managers and brand managers work towards similar goals, but they have different areas of focus and responsibilities.

Roles of Organizational Structure

In layman terms – and as the name suggests – a GTM is an elaborate plan to get a new product out there in the world. For that purpose, the PMM employs different survey techniques to gather original data from different sources, condense all of that data into easy-to-understand insights. With the obstacles an old business may get from the newly rising businesses that stand against this company including different issues like politics or economic hurdles. Marketing management should analyze the strong and weak aspects of the company and should work hard to overcome the weak aspects by shifting their paradigms that may cover the weaknesses. Welcome to Repsly’s new AI column aimed to highlight ways that AI can be a powerful tool for CPG brands to grow shelf space, drive sales, and maximize brand control and presence.

Marketing manager meaning

This could be a feature, a benefit, or any other intrinsic value that makes the product attractive in the eyes of the target audience. For this purpose, companies use different tools to get maximum market sales of their products by having comparison with a market economy. Marketing management is the way to find out the opportunities which are profitable and create these opportunities by satisfying the customers.

Marketing management

By analyzing market trends and consumer behavior, marketing managers can create targeted campaigns that resonate with potential customers and drive revenue growth. To excel in a digital marketing manager role, individuals should have a range of skills in data analysis, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and email marketing. Additional competencies should include proficiency in current and emerging technology platforms and tools, as well as a foundation in traditional marketing strategies. Since the roles and duties of a digital marketing manager span a wide range, students of different backgrounds and interests can pursue the career path. Digital marketing managers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as marketing, digital media, communication, website/graphic design, English, or liberal arts. While these professionals most often manage digital content, some may direct and develop team members.

Marketing manager meaning

First and foremost, you’ll need the right set of credentials to build up your foundational understanding and skills critical to the role, and showcase your expertise to potential recruiters. Since it is a critical part of the overall product strategy, the PMM collaborates with the product manager, finance https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/marketing-manager/ manager, and other key stakeholders, if needed, to set suitable pricing for the product. You can’t talk about product marketing without discussing go-to-market strategies. Product managers, on the other hand, oversee the complete product roadmap, from setting the vision to bringing it to the market.


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